The People Of The Wood

The people of the wood lived deep in the forest by the stream many miles from the people of the village who lived down in the valley by the river. The people of the wood lived simple lives at one with nature, bathing in the fresh mountain air scented with the sweet aromas of the evergreen while the  people of the village enjoyed the amenities brought to them from men of the coastal cities where costly and exotic goods and knowledge from all over the world was traded.  These worldly enticements brought many people from the wood to dwell in the village and some even settled in the coastal cities and became men of the world.

Over time, the people of the wood dwindled and the village grew and became overcrowded and resources became scarce and were over used  and the waters, the air and the soils could no longer feed the people of the village. As the situation became desperate, the people of the village began to develop innovative ways to restore life to the village but in so doing they only made matters worse because of their ignorance of the ancient ways of their ancestors who were from the wood.

 In the end, the people of the village were able to amass  an abundance of costly goods and foods yet their goods rusted and the people perished from malnutrition. The nature loving people of the wood continued in the way of their ancestors giving thanks, rejoicing and communing with the Maker of the wood and they lived happily ever after.

I wrote this  parable after a local Idaho newspaper refused to feature Greenfield Naturals in their new business section. They believed we were selling “snake oil” without  confirming or validating even one testimonial or research paper.


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