Life Love Water… continued

by Gary Greenfield, Director

For all of the 37 seven years I have lived in the western states, my love of the warm, humid tropical Florida weather has remained intact. Yet, despite my disdain for the wet, cold winters of North Idaho, I have chosen to reside here since 1975.  Although my memories of the ocean blue remain strong, I have never returned to the water and the activities of my youth. But, after 30 years, a new connection with water began to take root in my heart and mind.

In 2005, one of those events that have the power to change the course of one’s path took place in my life. Up until then I was pretty much taken up with the standard American diet and all of it’s pitfalls. But that year I met a young woman who shared with me the story of her mother being cured of cancer by changing her diet to one of raw foods. I had never heard of such a phenomena and was completely intrigued by the concept. Thus began my investigative journey into the world of natural phenomena and their effect on human, plant and animal health. My first steps on the way were learning all I could about the science of raw food. I did this by hiring the young woman who shared her story with me to teach me the art of raw food preparation over the course of the next three months. I still remember the odd treatment I received from my family while I took over our kitchen with new implements and strange concoctions. One of my sons and his wife who had ridiculed my efforts at the time now teach raw food classes.

As I began to understand the healing powers of natural foods, herbs, essential oils and minerals, I eventually came full circle back to the topic of water through the work of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist and visionary of the twentieth century. While in the throes of fascination with reading about the mysteries of water, I was invited to a presentation on alkaline ionized water by a stranger who I met at the local copy store. The talk was showcasing the Kangen Water Ionization machine which I had never heard of before. I must say that the presentation was most impressive and as the salesman wooed us with the amazing qualities of his $4,000 water ionizer, I found myself thinking, “Nature can do what this electric machine does and it can do it for less money with better results.” As it turned out, my hunch was right. After a few months of research and a trip to Asia to prove it out, I returned to this group of Kangen Water devotees to pit the fifty dollar mineral water pitcher I acquired in South Korea against their multi-thousand dollar electric water ionizer. The end result? The delicious, alkaline ionized water created by my inexpensive mineral pitcher not only matched but exceeded the performance of their outrageously overpriced Kangen machine… and it was all done naturally, mimicking what happens in nature every day through the hydrological cycle!

This experience was one of many over the years which have shown me the immense value of listening to my intuition in regards to my search to understand and share the mysterious and inexplicable forces of nature and the power they hold to sustain and enhance life on our planet.


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